New Booster Seat Law Clarified by Texas Department of Public Safety

Here’s another article on transportation of children that you might find interesting…if you have children…that you transport…or…if you are just a transportation law junkie: There has been some confusion about a new state law that requires all children younger than eight (8) years old. UNLESS taller than 4’9″ to be in child passenger safety seatContinue reading “New Booster Seat Law Clarified by Texas Department of Public Safety”

Car Seats and Children

Here’s an important message from the Texas Department of Public Safety. We wanted to make sure that we were following the Texas law concerning transporting our little ones. As you can see, this particular ride is safe as we are simply waiting for our Starbucks frappes at Target! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issuedContinue reading “Car Seats and Children”