What Not To Say to Parishioners

My last post consisted of a few things not to say to your pastor. This article is going to deal with what pastors shouldn’t say to their congregations. Now, for those of you who are part of a church, understand that when your pastor says some of the following that he’s not perfect–but neither areContinue reading “What Not To Say to Parishioners”

What Not To Say to Your Pastor

Too often there are many things said to pastors that really shouldn’t be said. This has occurred to me since I have been in ministry now for twenty-nine years. This of course is not the easiest of articles to write either, but I think something needs to be said for the many of us whoContinue reading “What Not To Say to Your Pastor”

My Grandfather’s Birthday

Have you ever had that special someone in your life that just meant so much to you? I mean someone who really made an impact on you like no one else really has? That person for me was my Grandfather, Dionicio Juan Gorena. He was a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, and friend. He taught theContinue reading “My Grandfather’s Birthday”