No More Fishy Burps!

   So my cardiologist wants me to take fish oil or an omega supplement of some kind. It mattered not if I put the supplements in my medicine cabinet or the refrigerator, I would inevitably end up with fishy burps and fishy reflux! I couldn’t stand it, to be frank with you. I would twist […]

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Just Thinking This Evening

I have been reading different posts on Facebook and reading different news posts that people are posting. It is really interesting to see how many Republicans are running for the nomination for the Presidential elections next year. Donald Trump is still in the lead and it is amazing that he is. Ben Carson apparently lost […]

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And now it begins…

As I was readying myself this morning for my day, I began to consider what I would be writing today. Remember, I am writing every week on my blog. It is amazing to me how many different topics came to mind. I want to write about so many different things. So, with that said,┬áit now […]

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