Catastrophic Tornado in Texas

Yesterday and today I have been riding along with a couple of Disaster Relief workers of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. We have seen where at least one person was killed at a gas station in Copeville, Texas along with whole neighborhoods (as pictured above) in Rowlett, Texas destroyed. The last I heard ofContinue reading “Catastrophic Tornado in Texas”

I’m Most Discouraged…

I was sitting around this morning thinking about how discouraged I become at times.┬áDark days loom over the horizon when the clouds settle in to block any semblance of the sun only to darken the very recesses of my mind. Thoughts begin to wage war with one another as I try my best to pullContinue reading “I’m Most Discouraged…”

The Buffoonery of POTUS

  Is it me or does it seem that our President is not facing the realities of domestic terrorism? It seems that some on his Staff (like Ash Carter, Secretary of Defense) have said that we are at war against “ISIL” (instead of ISIS, because the POTUS believes that if you call them ISIL itContinue reading “The Buffoonery of POTUS”