The Shining

The sun is shining bright today. As I begin to wonder and think All my thoughts go toward the Light. It is not the light of this or of that But it is the True Light That shines bright.   The night is dreary dark today. As I begin to wonder and think All my […]

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The Beach

I was at the beach when all of a sudden My hunger got the best of me. I pulled out a piece of bread to eat when all of a sudden A seagull got the best of me and ate my bread. I was so hungry and I had no other food to eat when […]

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How to Grow the Church

It is with great joy that I have the opportunity to pastor what I think to be one of the finest churches of which I have been a part. My people–God’s people–have a willingness to love each other, to give, and to serve those in our community and abroad. Moreover, the love that our Fellowship […]

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