I am so excited about being an online student with Southern New Hampshire University. I am currently working on a degree in English and Creative Writing and every professor that I have had thus far is excellent. There is a lot of reading and writing that I am doing for this degree and it isContinue reading “University”

It’s Obama, not Trump or Cruz!

  Donald Trump is claiming that he is the reason that voters are energized during this campaign season. I’m not so sure about his claim. I think that Americans are┬átired of the “fundamental transformation” that President Obama has made of our Country. He has weakened our Nation more than any other President in my lifetime.Continue reading “It’s Obama, not Trump or Cruz!”

Today we began what we have done for the last ten years here at First Baptist Church of Leonard: our Spring Revival. This year we have the incomparable Alex Gonzalez leading our time of teaching and preaching while Teddy King is leading our time of worship through song. They are truly a God-send when itContinue reading