Whatever you do in this life is because of inclinations. An inclination is “a disposition or bent, especially of the mind or will; a liking or preference.”* It is something for which all of us struggle. We want to do this thing but instead we do this other thing. In other words, we don’t do […]

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In Praise of Manners

With intrigue I was watching a major news station this morning and they showed two young men, junior high football players, helping an elderly lady who was wheelchair-bound. Apparently, she had crossed the street and could not move herself on the grass. This is when these two young men began to help her by pushing […]

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Is It Wrong?

Lately I have heard so many people speaking about how nationalism is wrong. But what I am finding is that when people believe that nationalism is wrong, they are only speaking about the United States of America. Our Country isn’t perfect but we do want to protect what we have within their own borders that […]

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