Sunday Review, November 4, 2012

Galatians 4:1-20 is an exciting place to be! In this passage of Scripture, Paul the apostle tells us how we are free as sons and heirs in Jesus Christ (4:1-7). ┬áHe begins to illustrate what it means to be an heir of God using an illustration of a Roman father with his son. The sonContinue reading “Sunday Review, November 4, 2012”

November 2012: National Adoption Month

History of National Adoption Month The basic story behind National Adoption Month started off as a week long celebration in Massachusetts in 1976. Way before it blossomed into the current month long celebration. Presidential Proclamation Each year, the President of the United States makes a proclamation to announce that November is National Adoption Month. (ThisContinue reading “November 2012: National Adoption Month”