Today I Am Thankful…

I have been listening to various podcasts and today a podcast popped up on my phone that deals with suffering. All of us suffer with one thing or another. There are thorns in our flesh of one kind or another, or sometimes, it may be someone who is in our life. We may suffer with […]

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Israel 2019

It’s the land of God’s people; it’s Israel. This land was promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the Book of Genesis. It belongs to God and He gave it to His people. When you go there, if you are a Christ follower or a Jew, you feel like you’re at home. My wife and […]

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The End Is Near

Nope! I’m not speaking about the end of the world. I’m speaking about the end of the year! It has been a great year! How about you? How’s your life been this year?

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