The God of the Storm

Over the last 28 years, I have had the privilege of serving the Lord Jesus Christ in vocational ministry. For the first 20 years of my ministry I served in student ministry. I am currently in my 8th year of pastoring. Someone asked me one time, “What’s the difference between student ministry and pastoral ministry?”Continue reading “The God of the Storm”

Education: Is It Really the Answer?

Over the past several months, the candidates for the Presidency of the United States of America have been telling the American people that we need to put more and more money into education if we want to see our Country move in the “right” direction. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have exceptional educations. TheyContinue reading “Education: Is It Really the Answer?”

Sunday Review, October 14, 2012

Paul the apostle continues to speak to the churches of Galatia as a loving pastor. However, he admits to the strain that he is under due to their leaving the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In abandoning the Gospel, they abandon Jesus Christ! He begins his argumentation in Galatians 3 confronting the churches withContinue reading “Sunday Review, October 14, 2012”