“Tee Tee”

So I was rocking my two-year-old this evening. Ever since we have had him he has said, “Tee Tee!” Normally when others hear him say that they think that he needs to “tee-tee” but what he is saying is , “Thank you!” Now for some this may sound childish…well…it is! He’s only two-years-old! He’s aContinue reading ““Tee Tee””

Sunday Review, December 23, 2012

This morning we read and preached on two different births that are mentioned in Luke 1 and 2. They are the births of John and Jesus. John was from a priestly line and he was chosen by God prior to his birth to be the forerunner of his Messiah, Jesus. For the life of John,Continue reading “Sunday Review, December 23, 2012”