Translation, a poem

In the darkness of my soul Comes a Light. the Light becomes brighter as I stare At its brilliance, At Its magnificence, At Its splendor. Then my soul is melted and The darkness dissipates. My eyes are lifted to see The Light changing me, The Light enlivening me, The Light saving me. No longer amContinue reading “Translation, a poem”

I Attended a Funeral Yesterday…

I attended a funeral yesterday of a father of a friend of mine. He was nearly 89 years old and had lived a life well-lived. He loved to laugh, sing, and enjoy his family. What struck me about this funeral is what his granddaughter and his two sons had to say about him. He wasContinue reading “I Attended a Funeral Yesterday…”

It’s Almost Been a Year

It has almost been one year since my twin sister left us. June 27, 2015 will be extremely hard; I am sure of this. I have been thinking about this month for a long time now and just how I might respond to the challenges the lie ahead of me. I miss Denise. I missContinue reading “It’s Almost Been a Year”