Yellow Vests Movement

The¬†yellow vests movement, also referred to as the¬†yellow jacket movement, is a protest movement that started online in May 2018 and has led to demonstrations that began in France and has spread to the southern part of Belgium. The yellow vest was chosen as a symbol because all motorists have been required by French law […]

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The Cross of Christ

It is a symbol that we see all over the place. People wear it as if it is something beautiful, and it is when it is made out of gold, silver, or platinum. But the symbol itself is something that reminds us–or should remind us–that it is most likely cruelest way to put someone to […]

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Dealing With People

Yes…I deal with people. Sometimes I don’t like dealing with people. This is why Staff is so important to have. At times I will let my Staff put up with people so I don’t have to. But there are times that the leader of the organization has to take the bull by the horns and […]

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