Sunday Review, November 25, 2012

Paul the apostle takes his time teaching the churches of Galatia — as well as teaching us, I might add — that we are free from the Law and licentiousness. He addresses this in Galatians 5:7-15 a he continues to speak of turning away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we as believers turn to legalism, then we ruin the grace that God has given us. The Law makes us a debtor. Finally, if we turn to the Law and turn away from the grace that God has given us through the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, then we fall away from grace. This does not mean that we lose our salvation, rather, it means that we leave behind what it is that we know to be Truth, that is, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Truth! In addition, Paul continues to say that turning to the Law hinders our growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, turning to the Law removes the offense of the Cross of Christ. Rather than that offense, the offense is the breaking of the Law. Paul then encourages us to live a life apart from license. You can listen to the sermon here:

This evening’s message was about the calling of Moses and the structure of Exodus 3-4. Written in narrative form, Moses tells us his story of when God called him from the burning bush. Interestingly enough, the bush is not being consumed by the fire as it is “the angel of the LORD” that is speaking to Moses. He tells Moses that He has heard the cries of His people and He has seen the affliction brought on by the Egyptians that are holding them in bondage. God tells Moses that He is going to deliver His people from Egypt and will free them. This is a beautiful picture of how God hears the cries of those who are held in bondage to sin. And those who are without Christ are certainly held in bondage as they are slaves of sin. God, however, comes to those who are crying out for salvation and He hears their prayers. In addition, He hears the cries of His afflicted people — those who already know Jesus Christ as their Deliverer. You can listen to the sermon here:

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