101 Degrees

“Dad, my entire body is hot.” Have you ever had a sick child? This morning my six-year-old came into my room, woke me up, and told me that he wasn’t feeling good. When he told me that his entire body was hot, sure enough, it was hot!

I can remember when I was sick that my Dad would take me to my Grandparents house. They lived about five blocks away from us so it was not a long trek to get over there. When my Grandfather would find out that we were sick, he’d call some of my aunts and uncles to come over to his house for prayer. Then they would all circle around me and my Grandfather would tell everyone that he was going to pray and believe that God would heal me. As soon as he started to pray out loud, everyone else would start to pray out loud. It was neat to hear the prayers because they were in Spanish, English and Tex-Mex! Not too many hours after the prayers my sickness would be gone.

Now I know that people generally believe that whatever medicine that my parents gave me was the cure. I really don’t believe that it was the cure. I think that God answered prayers for healing. Some would say that the illness just ran its course, but I really don’t believe that it was just that the sickness ran its course. Again, prayer really does bring healing. But what type of prayer?

God answers prayer. There has never been a time that He hasn’t answered the prayers of His people. His answer may be “Yes” or “No” or “Wait.” Whatever the case may be, He always answers.

This morning, I have prayed believing that my Elijah will be healed of the fever that he has. I believe that God still heals. Did I give him medicine? Sure I did, but that does not discount the power of believing prayer that God still heals. So, with this said, I am grateful that God has given me opportunity to pray for my Son’s healing and wellness.

Published by D.J. Gorena

Follower of Jesus Christ, husband, dad, pastor, and twinless twin.

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