by djgorena

A couple of years ago I decided to till up my yard. There were dips here and there and water would stand in different parts of my yard when it rained. After tilling it I used the tractor to level it out and to kind of shape my yard so water would flow correctly to the creek bed at the back of the yard. I thought it was a great thing! After all, when I first moved into this house nearly eight years ago the yard was full of weeds. Now it’s full of Bermuda grass. It’s not “golf course” perfect, but the grass has grown very well all over the yard.

Although I enjoy having grass, I really don’t like it.

You: Why don’t you like it?

Me: Because every time I mow the yard I end up with a migraine.

Wife: You need to see an allergist.

Me: I’ve never had allergies before. I think it’s just due to the weather around here.

You: And why would you say that?

Wife: Yeah! Why would you say that?

Me: Because it gets so hot during the mowing season that maybe I’ve not had enough water or Gatorade.

Wife: You need to see an allergist.

Me: Yeah, yeah! I hear you talking!

You: I think you are allergic to grass.

Me: Grass? Are you kidding me? That’s ludicrous! I’ve never been allergic to grass.

Doctor: Apparently your biggest allergy is to Bermuda grass.

Me: Beautiful…simply beautiful.