I just cannot fathom how much food my two boys actually eat. It matters not what you put in front of them…they eat it. Then after they eat what is in front of them they want more. Do little boys have tapeworms? Are they just that hungry all of the time or do they actually overindulge? Is it right that we just keep giving them food and more food and more food when they say they want it?

Well, after doing some research, we are supposed to give them more and more food. I thought you only had to purchase groceries once a year for them, but it turns out that they actually should eat more than 3-5 times per day. You know, it’s the metabolism stuff that you hear about. If I ate 3-5 meals a day doctors say that I would actually kick-start my metabolism and possibly lose some weight, too. Moreover, if your child is seven or two like my two boys, you need to teach them good eating habits. Before too long they will be on their own choosing their own food that they want to eat. It may be healthy or it may not be so healthy but with proper training, they will learn to eat well.

Did I eat this much when I was their age? Yes…and no! As they grow, there will be days that they will eat like there is no tomorrow and there will be other days where they eat as little as possible. Whatever the case may be, educating them to eat well is the key. Keep fresh fruit and vegetables for them to snack. Eat sensible meals that have some kind of chicken, beef, or turkey (yeah, yeah, yeah! I know, there are people out there that don’t think the meat part is all that good for children; but we live in Texas! We eat meat!). Allow your children to try something new and if they don’t like it they don’t have to eat it. For instance, my seven-year-old tried a piece of Brussels sprout. I was shocked and amazed that he liked it! He actually liked it! Now I’m not the only one in my home that will eat Brussels sprout.

All-in-all, my boys are eating us out of house and home. We just took their door from their room, cut it in little pieces, made stew out of it, added some vegetables and they loved it. Next week we’re going to have to give them siding from the house to eat. I figure that I’ll grill it, put a nice scald on it and it will be fine with some Sweet Baby Ray’s…

Published by D.J. Gorena

Follower of Jesus Christ, husband, dad, pastor, and twinless twin.

5 thoughts on “NO MORE FOOD!

    1. this is only the beginning, during a growth spurt you have no idea of the amount they can put away., but on the bright side, there will be days when they are not as hungry..

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