by djgorena

Have you ever suffered with headaches? I have. In fact, most of my life I have dealt with migraines and cluster headaches. The pain at times is excruciating. At other times it is merely a dull ache. But I have headache after headache–or so it seems to me. One right after the other, pain for pain.

I have been checked out by a neurosurgeon and apparently about 6mm of my cerebellum is being compressed by my spine. When my doctor told me that I retorted, “Huh! I guess my brain is just too big for my skull!” His response, “I don’t think so!”

There’s no tumor. The weather changes and when a cold front comes into town I feel it two days before it hits and then it is a full-grown migraine the day that it arrives. If I mow the grass I end up with a migraine because I have developed an allergy to Bermuda grass of all things. I’m telling you that I have developed a serious allergic reaction to grass…and shrimp…and cats.

So, if you deal with migraines, what do you do to bring relief to yourself?