No More Fishy Burps!

by djgorena


All-plant based omega supplement!!

So my cardiologist wants me to take fish oil or an omega supplement of some kind. It mattered not if I put the supplements in my medicine cabinet or the refrigerator, I would inevitably end up with fishy burps and fishy reflux! I couldn’t stand it, to be frank with you. I would twist and turn during the night and I would wake up coughing from urping up fishy stomach acid and it burned my throat and was just disgusting.

Now as gross as that may sound, I want you to know that there’s hope for those of us who are taking fish oil or omega supplements! It’s called MEGA X and it is an all-plant based omega supplement that includes 3*6*9+5*7! This is a breakthrough product that you need to try if you’re tired of FISHY BURPS!

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