Cancer Sucks!

Today I will not post any media. This is about a disease that has taken yet another one of my family members. It started last year when my cousin Brenda was diagnosed with cancer. She was a survivor and fighter. But this last bout of cancer won in the end. The same cancer Brenda fought hit my twin sister. They were both diagnosed around the same time. Just three months before Denise died of cancer, Brenda died. My cousin Debbie was diagnosed with cancer just a couple of months ago. She died just six weeks after she was diagnosed. Now, my cousin Paul who has been fighting cancer for over year, died two days ago. He is Brenda’s older brother.

Cancer is heartbreaking. Cancer is disheartening. Cancer is a killer. Cancer is a thief. Cancer is a monster. Cancer takes away the people we love most. Cancer is…I can go on and on but you get the point.

Today I am heartbroken once again over the way cancer has taken someone else that I love. I miss all of these.

Published by D.J. Gorena

Follower of Jesus Christ, husband, dad, pastor, and twinless twin.

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