Charles Krauthammer, 1950-2018


It’s not that I always agreed with Charles Krauthammer’s assessments or commentaries. I have a profound respect for Krauthammer because he spoke his mind and expressed himself in such a way that he was well-understood. A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Krauthammer also served as a daily on Special Report with Brett Baier on the Fox News Network. It saddened me when I realized that he had not been on set for several weeks and then Baier told the audience that Krauthammer had been ill and was in the hospital for surgery. They were the best of friends from all appearances. Baier looked up to Krauthammer and it was evident to all who saw them on the same set.

The first time I saw him on Special Report, I realized something of respect in the way that he spoke of the President. At the time, it was President Barack Obama. While there were those attacking the man, he attacked his policies–never the man. He never downplayed the Office of the President, rather, he built up the respect for the Office. He did, if I recall correctly, speak of how good of a father President Obama portrayed himself to be along with being a good husband to Michelle. Krauthammer had a way of correcting those on the stage with him who might try to attack the man instead of his policies as well, ever respectfully.

He also had a sense of humor. Even though he was bound to his wheelchair due to a diving accident in his twenties, it never seemed to stop him from loving life. From being a founding member of the Pariah Chess Club to going to baseball games to dining with the likes of George Will weekly. He loved life. That is what was witnessed when you heard him speak or when you heard him interviewed. Baier even spoke of his love for life when he did an hour-long special on Charles Krauthammer.

Even though his voice has been silenced after his fight with cancer, he set the tone for his death with his last article declaring that he was dying. In his eloquence and elegance, he let us know that he would not be able to return from the battle that he was facing. He was going to finish his race, and that he did.

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