Are Masks Really Necessary?

This is a question that I’ve been asking for quite sometime. It says on the box of masks that I have (and any other packages of masks that I’ve seen) that they don’t stop any bacteria or virus from entering into the mouth or nose. So are they really necessary?

This is what it’s really like!

I guess they’re necessary for a couple of reasons. First, if you’re not wearing a mask nowadays you may be shamed by others that are known as “Karens.” While this is a derogatory term, the reality is that there are people who are so afraid of others not wearing masks that they’ll attack them verbally and sometimes even physically. I’ve seen a number of videos on social media where people who live by fear try to force those who don’t to live the same way they live: masked up.

The second reason to wear a mask is so that you don’t have your own identity. I saw on Twitter a few days ago how someone had posted that we no longer see each other’s smiles. With everyone wearing masks, we begin to lose the community that we once had by being able to see the facial expressions of those with whom we are speaking or seeing. Frankly, people look despondent nowadays wearing their masks; not everyone, of course as this is a generality. There seems to be a darkness, a depression all over the place. Maybe it’s because people are no longer getting the amount of oxygen they need to be able to think clearly because we’re all wearing masks. Of course there are those who do wear masks that are stylish which may be construed as individualistic, but, again, they look like everyone else: saddened eyes, and you can’t tell if they’re smiling or not.

Although I wear masks, I don’t like them. I already have difficulty breathing from prior pneumonia and annual bronchitis. I wear masks, however, because I’m required to if I eat out or go into a store.

But the inconsistencies of COVID-19 restrictions are absolutely ridiculous! For instance, I received notification at my office from a department of health that someone who has COVID-19 had been in our building as it was reported to them by a doctor. When I called and inquired who that person was, the health official said that due to HIPPA laws they couldn’t tell me. So I asked, “Why then did you send an Excel spreadsheet for us to fill out with others in our organization that contract COVID-19?” Her reply, “Because we have a right to do that.” To my chagrin, I reiterated what she said about HIPPA laws and she proceeded to tell me that her spreadsheet was not in violation. However, I told her that I was supposed to list the name of the infected person, which doctor they visited and were diagnosed by, their symptoms, their comorbidities, and some other personal information. I told the health representative that I wouldn’t share any information with them because if HIPPA laws that I would be breaking and also told her that they were asking people to break the law. She proceeded to tell me that they needed help in investigating hotspots for COVID-19. My response? “I’m not responsible to do the job of the health department and investigate anything for them!”

So you may be wondering why I would be so adamant about not helping the health department; I get it. I wouldn’t because when pointing out that we walk into restaurants wearing masks and immediately take them off at our tables, we can be infected because COVID-19 is supposedly airborne. It’s inconsistent because we see sporting events being played without masks. It’s inconsistent because hand sanitizer is inefficient because for it to really sterilize your hands you shouldn’t touch anything for at least five minutes. It’s inconsistent that our children who are under the age of ten are required to wear masks but are allowed to touch everything in the schools they attend where other snot-nosed kids have wiped their noses and haven’t allowed the hand sanitizer to take effect. It’s inconsistent when so many other diseases are now being recorded due to constant mask wearing. It’s inconsistent because so many people are now facing mental disorders due to the constant barrage of news media and others claiming that it will help stop the spread when the packaging of the masks say that it doesn’t stop viruses from entering into the nose or mouth of the person wearing said masks.

As I write this I’m sitting in a restaurant watching what’s happening around me. The hostess is telling people to put their masks on as they’re walking out of the restaurant as if that will stop the spread while at the same time standing less than six feet away speaking to en elderly couple that’s not wearing their masks because they’re seated waiting to eat. Yes, the hostess is wearing a mask, but that doesn’t stop the virus from entering or exiting the mask and she may well be infecting the older couple or they her.

So are masks necessary? Are they really necessary when you see the likes of Dr. Fauci not wearing a mask at a ballgame? Are they really necessary when you see the likes of Speaker Pelosi getting her hair done while not wearing a mask? Are they really necessary when you see broadcasters not wearing a mask? Are they really necessary when you see sports players not wearing masks? Are they really necessary when you see the White House press Corp not wearing masks inside the press briefing room until they’re on camera?

UPDATE: Please understand that I’m merely asking whether or not masks are necessary. After a discussion with a friend, they pointed out that masks along with the other protocols are actually effective; it’s not the masks alone, but also washing of hands and social distancing. I AGREE WITH THIS observation. My main point was merely to point out what appears to be inconsistencies with what we currently know about COVID-19.

Another thing my friend asked me was this: “Have you had bronchitis or the flu like you’ve had in past years?” The answer is “no.” He more than anyone has helped me understand that the protocols have helped keep us from getting sick. Now I still have allergies, but they’re not as bad as they have been.

Thanks, Danny, for helping me to see this from a different view!!

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