My Grandfather’s Birthday

Have you ever had that special someone in your life that just meant so much to you? I mean someone who really made an impact on you like no one else really has? That person for me was my Grandfather, Dionicio Juan Gorena. He was a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, and friend. He taught theContinue reading “My Grandfather’s Birthday”

What Next?!?

So many different things are happening in our Country right now. There is so much uncertainty it seems except that it is certain that our Nation as a whole is facing dire times. The economy has not recovered as quickly as many would like. Finances are tight for everyone as the cost of living hasContinue reading “What Next?!?”

“Tee Tee”

So I was rocking my two-year-old this evening. Ever since we have had him he has said, “Tee Tee!” Normally when others hear him say that they think that he needs to “tee-tee” but what he is saying is , “Thank you!” Now for some this may sound childish…well…it is! He’s only two-years-old! He’s aContinue reading ““Tee Tee””