She’s Beating Cancer!

Source: I’m blessed to be sitting with my twin sister for a few short hours this afternoon. She’s lying quietly in her “London Room.” This room was full of her memorabilia from her journeys to London. It is a place that she loved. She’s moaning right now, unable to say anything or even openContinue reading “She’s Beating Cancer!”

“What will I see?”

My twin sister and I have always had great conversations. Yesterday, Denise asked me a poignant question: “What will I see when I get to heaven?” It is a great question, isn’t it? Here’s a woman who has always believed that there is such a place as a heaven and a hell. She has beenContinue reading ““What will I see?””

It’s All a Matter of Perspective!

My twin sister, Denise, is in bed resting at this point. She has had a busy couple of days visiting with friends and family. But something happened today. We noticed that her strength was less today. It seems to us that she is having a harder time getting up and around, but she is determined.Continue reading “It’s All a Matter of Perspective!”