Walking the Trail

I wish that I could say that I am a great dad, but sometimes I think that I am not all that good of a dad. Just the other day, I was getting on to my oldest son for doing something that I had already asked him not to do. Something occurred to me: IContinue reading “Walking the Trail”

Translation, a poem

In the darkness of my soul Comes a Light. the Light becomes brighter as I stare At its brilliance, At Its magnificence, At Its splendor. Then my soul is melted and The darkness dissipates. My eyes are lifted to see The Light changing me, The Light enlivening me, The Light saving me. No longer amContinue reading “Translation, a poem”

How do I say this?

It is a question that I have been asking myself since June 27,2014. On that day, my twin sister, Denise, passed away. It was 10:07 p.m. that night when she breathed her last breath here on this earth. I had not heard her voice for several days as she was comatose. Her diagnosis was mesentericContinue reading “How do I say this?”