How to Grow the Church

It is with great joy that I have the opportunity to pastor what I think to be one of the finest churches of which I have been a part. My people–God’s people–have a willingness to love each other, to give, and to serve those in our community and abroad. Moreover, the love that our FellowshipContinue reading “How to Grow the Church”

Gift of gifts

I have been reading through The Valley of Vision, a small book of Puritan prayers and devotions. I read this one this past week and it is just absolutely beautiful I thought I needed to share this with my readers: O Source of All Good, What shall I render to thee for the gift of gifts,Continue reading “Gift of gifts”

Catastrophic Tornado in Texas

Yesterday and today I have been riding along with a couple of Disaster Relief workers of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. We have seen where at least one person was killed at a gas station in Copeville, Texas along with whole neighborhoods (as pictured above) in Rowlett, Texas destroyed. The last I heard ofContinue reading “Catastrophic Tornado in Texas”