Sunday Review, March 17, 2013

Sunday was a tough day. It started on Saturday morning. That’s right…you heard me! The weather plays some ugly tricks on my head and I had a migraine that hit me Saturday morning. By Sunday morning it was full-blown pain and agony. But by God’s grace I was able to preach a couple of sermons.

You: How did you do?

Me: Uh…well…I guess you’ll have to listen to the messages so you can tell me.

Sunday morning’s message was entitled “It’s Time to Grow Up!” found in Hebrews 6:1-8. It is one of the hardest passages of Scripture to preach because it is so controversial. There are unfortunately many in the church today who believe that they can lose their salvation. And those who tend to believe this take this passage as a passage of support. However, the writer of Hebrews is speaking of a believer who puts to open shame the Christ who has saved them by their denial of His Person and Work. There is a truth here that says that there are those who have done this very thing and are past the line of no return. In other words, they have seared their consciences so that they will never be able to get back to a blessed life with Christ. Tragic as it is, this is what the writer was telling us. (Click to listen to the message here!)

Sunday evening was a celebration…then a bitter time…then a celebration once again! Exodus 15 is just that and the title of the message was “Celebration…then Bitterness…Bitterness Made Better.” The Israelites were celebratory concerning what God had done to Pharaoh and his military. You remember from Exodus 14 that God drowned the whole lot of them. So the Israelites celebrated what God did, then they traveled in the wilderness three days journey and didn’t have any water. When they stumbled onto an oasis the water was bitter. But God told Moses to throw a particular tree in the water and the water ended up being the best tasting water that the Israelites had ever had. (Click to listen to the message here!)

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Follower of Jesus Christ, husband, dad, pastor, and twinless twin.

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