The Love of a Church


My family is blessed by the people of First Baptist Church of Leonard. While I am spending time with my twin sister, Denise, and my family, they are praying for us to recognize God’s sufficiency in what she is facing and how we are feeling and thinking about things. My mind is here and there as I consider what’s going on with my twin. One minute I’m laughing about a memory with her. Then, without any warning, I begin to cry profusely thinking of my 1/2 leaving here. Then I shout with joy and praise of Jesus Christ’s saving power toward us.

All the while, my church is praying. I’m not sure how people face life’s toughest challenges without a church family. Sure there are friends that come our way, but there is something different about church families. You see, we are not just friends, we are brothers and sisters.

Now no one will ever be able to replace my twin sister–no one. She’s one of a kind just like I’m one of a kind. We just happen to be of the same kind. We understand each other like no one else understands us. We can read each other’s expressions and know exactly what we are thinking about. We like the same things. We have similar interests. We like the same kind of music. And best of all, we love each other unconditionally.

Now I’m finding through communique with my Staff and others that they are loving me unconditionally. They are praying as I said before. They are sending me messages by text and Facebook and email. The love I am receiving for me and my family is tremendous. My church loves. My church reaches out, reaches in and reaches up. My church stands with me and others. All the while they keep asking, seeking and knocking on my behalf.

My church is a blessing. I love you, Church!

Published by D.J. Gorena

Follower of Jesus Christ, husband, dad, pastor, and twinless twin.

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