It’s Obama, not Trump or Cruz!



Donald Trump is claiming that he is the reason that voters are energized during this campaign season. I’m not so sure about his claim. I think that Americans are tired of the “fundamental transformation” that President Obama has made of our Country. He has weakened our Nation more than any other President in my lifetime. With this said, it is President Obama that has energized voters because Americans do not want another four- or eight-year term with a socialist like Sanders or a lying liberal like Clinton. Trump is energetic, and he does energize his audiences, but so does Cruz, so does Sanders, so does Clint…well…not really for her or for Kasich. People are just tired of the rhetoric that comes out of Washington D.C., especially out of the White House.

While President Obama refuses to close the borders to America, Trump is saying that he will build a wall between the United States and Mexico where the majority of illegal aliens are entering our Country.  The way that he intends to do this can be found here and here. While President Obama has brought about the Affordable Care Act, Trump has declared on his website that “the next President and a Republican congress [must] lead the effort to bring much-needed free market reforms to the healthcare industry.” You can read more of his plan here. While Obama has followed through with the Clinton plan in January 2000 concerning trade relations with China, Trump is claiming that he will bring true negotiation skills to the table with China. You can read his plans with China here. Obama does not appear to respect our military or our veterans, but Trump is ensuring that if he is elected President, he will take good care of our veterans and their families by reforming the VA. You can read his plan here. Obama has done nothing to help middle-class families when it comes to taxes; Trump has a plan to help the middle-class regain what they have lost over the last seven years. You can read his plan here. Obama really does want to take your gun rights away as this is the way of the socialist, but Trump believes in your second amendment rights to bear arms. You can read his plan for gun owners here. Essentially, the platform that Donald Trump is trumpeting is an anti-Obama platform. He is coming with what he believes will make America great again.


Then there’s Ted Cruz. While Obama says that he supports the United States Constitution, he has been trying to dismantle one of the greatest documents ever written in the history of nations. Cruz on the other hand has spent a lifetime defending the Constitution. You can read what Cruz thinks here. Again, Obama is interested in limiting gun ownership here in the United States while Cruz is a defender of the second amendment right to bear arms. You can read what Cruz thinks here. Obama’s open border policies are crippling America’s ability to defend herself while Cruz desires to secure the border. You can read what Cruz thinks here. Because Obama has weakened America more than any other President in my lifetime, Cruz has a plan to defend our Nation. You can read what Cruz thinks here. Obama is obviously not thrilled to be allies with Israel while Cruz intends to stand with Israel. You can read what Cruz thinks here. Obama claims that he believes in religious liberty but his actions speak louder than his words. Cruz intends to keep religious liberty at the forefront of our Nation. You can read what Cruz thinks here. Obama helped to usher in the denigration of traditional family values. Cruz intends to restore America’s values concerning life, marriage and family. You can read what Cruz thinks here. When we have the lowest workforce in American history under Obama, Cruz wants to bring back jobs to America by a simple flat tax which will create almost five million jobs through simple tax reform.You can read what Cruz thinks here. Finally, while Obama has increased the size of government, Cruz intends to eliminate five major agencies and rid Washington D.C. of its chokehold on America. You can read what Cruz thinks here.

It is President Obama that has charged the electorate this go around. Yes, he is about to leave office. But Americans are going to show Obama that “yes we can” change America to be the greatest Nation in the world again by eliminating what he has done to fundamentally transform America. Either Trump or Cruz will win the Presidency or we will slip further into the darkest days that America has ever seen in her history.


Published by D.J. Gorena

Follower of Jesus Christ, husband, dad, pastor, and twinless twin.

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