Individual Pizzas


Today my family and I tried out a new restaurant to us. It is called Pie Five Pizza Company. I have to admit, all of us were very satisfied. I like pizza. I live pepperoni pizza mostly, but I also like the pizzas that have mushrooms, onions, sausage, pepperoni, and bell peppers. I forgot one ingredient which would have been Canadian bacon. My wife had the cauliflower crust and loved it. My eldest son and I had the thick pan crust and my youngest had the thin crust. All of us were satisfied with what we chose. The price of the meal with drinks was around $44. Is that a good price? Well, I thought it was somewhat pricey, but the food was excellent. So is it worthy it to pay that much for pizza?

Well, it depends on several factors–at least from my point of view. First, are the ingredients used to make the pizza average, better, excellent, or superior? Well, I have to say that the ingredients used at Pie Five Pizza Company were very fresh and I would rank them as excellent. The meats looked a little dry while they were sitting in the bins where they get them for your pizza, but they are pre-cooked and then added to the pizza according to your choice of what you’d like on your pizza. Again, all of the ingredients that I picked were excellent for my pizza.

Second, is the crust good? Yes, the thick crust was very good and according to my wife, her cauliflower with almond flour crust was excellent. The thin crust that my youngest son had been crispy just like he likes it. The only thing missing, or maybe I just didn’t get the flavor from all of the rich flavors of the pizza, was a buttery taste on the crust. I do like butter–the real stuff–not that margarine stuff. So, that is the one thing that I thought was missing.

Third, I think the ambiance of the restaurant itself is important. The restaurant was plain. There was a large mural on the wall and it showed people’s mid-sections. At least none of the mid-sections looked like mine: chubby. But I would suspect that if you ate these pies on a daily basis you might end up with a thicker mid-section…I’m just saying…but I really don’t know. The music was a too loud for my liking, but when you go into a millennial styled restaurant, it is going to be a bit loud for us old fogies.

Finally, the freshly brewed sweet tea was excellent! If you like sweet, sweet tea, this is your cup of tea! I thoroughly enjoyed drinking the sweet tea at Pie Five Pizza Company, and living in the South, it’s important to have a good sweet tea. Now I couldn’t tell if it was sweetened with regular sugar, stevia, or agave, but whatever they use for the sweetener and whatever type of tea they use, I wouldn’t mind going there just to get a cup.

So, this is my experience at Pie Five Pizza Company. If you’ve not eaten there, I would suggest it. I know that my family enjoyed it. Thanks to the employees and the good food for a pleasurable experience!


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Follower of Jesus Christ, husband, dad, pastor, and twinless twin.

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