Words of Wisdom…From a Six-Year-Old!

This past Saturday was hard. It all started when I woke up. That’s right, you know what I’m talking about! We’ve all been there before. We wake up on the proverbial “wrong side of the bed.” Well, since becoming a father of a six- and two-year-old boys I’ve been learning a lot. You would thinkContinue reading “Words of Wisdom…From a Six-Year-Old!”

November 2012: National Adoption Month

History of National Adoption Month The basic story behind National Adoption Month started off as a week long celebration in Massachusetts in 1976. Way before it blossomed into the current month long celebration. Presidential Proclamation Each year, the President of the United States makes a proclamation to announce that November is National Adoption Month. (ThisContinue reading “November 2012: National Adoption Month”