I’m Most Discouraged…

I was sitting around this morning thinking about how discouraged I become at times.¬†Dark days loom over the horizon when the clouds settle in to block any semblance of the sun only to darken the very recesses of my mind. Thoughts begin to wage war with one another as I try my best to pullContinue reading “I’m Most Discouraged…”

Faithfulness: What It Means – A Biblical Perspective

Source: http://jesusistheword.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/faithfulness_dribbble.png The contemporary English word “faith” is derived from the Latin word¬†fides. It denotes trust and in today’s modern language means “to believe.” “Faithfulness” denotes trustworthiness or dependability in today’s English language. Being faithful is a Biblical concept. The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary says of faithfulness, Throughout the Scriptures faith is the trustful humanContinue reading “Faithfulness: What It Means – A Biblical Perspective”