Nosebleeds & Little Boys

“My time is being wasted here!” So I picked up my two sons from school this afternoon and brought them back to my office so they could ride their bicycles in our parking lot (there’s not much traffic in the parking lot and I can see them both from my office windows). Well, my eightContinue reading “Nosebleeds & Little Boys”

The Death of a Loved One

It is a wretched thing to think about the death of a loved one, but it is inevitable that we will face this travesty. We fight for life constantly. It is because God, the Maker of heaven and earth (and everything else, including us), placed in the hearts and minds of each one of usContinue reading “The Death of a Loved One”

What Not To Say to Parishioners

My last post consisted of a few things not to say to your pastor. This article is going to deal with what pastors shouldn’t say to their congregations. Now, for those of you who are part of a church, understand that when your pastor says some of the following that he’s not perfect–but neither areContinue reading “What Not To Say to Parishioners”