How To Handle Church Problems

Acts 6:1-7 gives us a clear path to handling problems that arise in church. These problems can range from what color of carpet the new building is supposed to have to how finances are handled to the pastor’s message. Whatever the problems, God’s Word always has the answer. In this particular text, there was aContinue reading “How To Handle Church Problems”

Facing My Anger

It certainly doesn’t happen all of the time. However, it is often enough for me to consider how my anger affects others around me. Sometimes, when I feel that my mind is on overload, I tend to begin getting irritated with things and people. It’s becoming more clear to me as to why thoughts ofContinue reading “Facing My Anger”

How Are You Doing Today?

As I wander through my day, whether it is walking down the hallways of our building or going to eat lunch at a restaurant, I am generally asked, “How are you doing today?” Frankly, I really don’t think that most people are really all that interested in knowing how I am doing today. I canContinue reading “How Are You Doing Today?”