I’m Jealous

My twin sister, Denise, is facing one of the greatest challenges of her life: death. For most this challenge is daunting. Denise, on the other hand, is living. Sure, she’s not doing as well physically as we would like for her. But after running a race and fighting a fight for over a year whatContinue reading “I’m Jealous”

My Twin Sister

Denise is one of the strongest persons I have ever known. My Mother is another strong woman and so is my sister Dina. But right now my twin is very weak. They have inserted a tube in her nose to her stomach to suck out some fluid in her stomach. I am honored to haveContinue reading “My Twin Sister”

Nosebleeds & Little Boys

“My time is being wasted here!” So I picked up my two sons from school this afternoon and brought them back to my office so they could ride their bicycles in our parking lot (there’s not much traffic in the parking lot and I can see them both from my office windows). Well, my eightContinue reading “Nosebleeds & Little Boys”