I just cannot fathom how much food my two boys actually eat. It matters not what you put in front of them…they eat it. Then after they eat what is in front of them they want more. Do little boys have tapeworms? Are they just that hungry all of the time or do they actuallyContinue reading “NO MORE FOOD!”

Praising the Lord

My son and I have a daily ritual. It begins at 6:45 a.m. when I wake he and his older brother from their slumber. My seven-year-old will let me know how tired he is and will roll out of his bed. My two-year-old will then wake up because he hears my voice and his brotherContinue reading “Praising the Lord”

Music & Dancing

As I drive down the road with my two-year-old (No! I’m not driving as I’m typing this!), I look in the review mirror and see that he’s dancing. I generally only listen to Christian music or to oldies and what I have noticed about Gio is that this kid’s got┬árhythm! He dances in his carContinue reading “Music & Dancing”