Hush, Be Still

Uncertain Times We are living in uncertain times. Today more than any other time in our lives we have seen store shelves emptied for fear that people will run out of food. When we first heard that toilet paper was going quickly, there was a mad rush to get all that we could get andContinue reading “Hush, Be Still”

Migraines Are the Worst

I’ve written about migraines and headaches before. They are merciless. Migraines don’t discriminate against anyone: you can be black or white or hispanic or Asian or Middle Eastern, male or female, and whatever religion you want to be. When they hit someone head-on (no pun intended), they come at you with all sorts of sideContinue reading “Migraines Are the Worst”

Catastrophic Tornado in Texas

Yesterday and today I have been riding along with a couple of Disaster Relief workers of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. We have seen where at least one person was killed at a gas station in Copeville, Texas along with whole neighborhoods (as pictured above) in Rowlett, Texas destroyed. The last I heard ofContinue reading “Catastrophic Tornado in Texas”