This morning as I walked into the laundry room, I noticed that the three bins that we have are a conglomerate of all sorts of colors and types of material. Well, as a person who suffers from CDO (for those of you who are not into psychobabble, that means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) I could notContinue reading “Separation”

How Are You Doing Today?

As I wander through my day, whether it is walking down the hallways of our building or going to eat lunch at a restaurant, I am generally asked, “How are you doing today?” Frankly, I really don’t think that most people are really all that interested in knowing how I am doing today. I canContinue reading “How Are You Doing Today?”

A Lonely Place

Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever just felt like you were all alone in this big world of ours? There are times that loneliness creeps into all of our lives. It is during that time of grief that one feels lonely or that time after an argument with those closest to you thatContinue reading “A Lonely Place”