Have you noticed just how much is out-of-order these days? What I mean by this is that people are all out of sorts with what’s happening in society. You have those who are for this and those who are for that and the disorderliness of it all is overwhelming our culture and society. With politics–whetherContinue reading “Orderliness”


Nope! That is not a picture of me! I’m writing today to tell you about being sunburned. My wife and I have been vacationing with our two Sons and we decided to go to a water park today. It was really a lot of fun. There were just enough people there to be just aContinue reading “Sunburned”

How Are You Doing Today?

As I wander through my day, whether it is walking down the hallways of our building or going to eat lunch at a restaurant, I am generally asked, “How are you doing today?” Frankly, I really don’t think that most people are really all that interested in knowing how I am doing today. I canContinue reading “How Are You Doing Today?”