Dealing With People

Yes…I deal with people. Sometimes I don’t like dealing with people. This is why Staff is so important to have. At times I will let my Staff put up with people so I don’t have to. But there are times that the leader of the organization has to take the bull by the horns andContinue reading “Dealing With People”


Nope! That is not a picture of me! I’m writing today to tell you about being sunburned. My wife and I have been vacationing with our two Sons and we decided to go to a water park today. It was really a lot of fun. There were just enough people there to be just aContinue reading “Sunburned”

Petey the Sneaky Snake

I don’t like snakes. I’m not so sure that snakes like me either, but I don’t care if they do or if they don’t–I don’t like them and I don’t want one near me! Well, doggone it! If there didn’t happen to be a baby snake in the sanctuary this afternoon. I don’t know whatContinue reading “Petey the Sneaky Snake”