Petey the Sneaky Snake

I don’t like snakes. I’m not so sure that snakes like me either, but I don’t care if they do or if they don’t–I don’t like them and I don’t want one near me! Well, doggone it! If there didn’t happen to be a baby snake in the sanctuary this afternoon. I don’t know whatContinue reading “Petey the Sneaky Snake”

A Culture of Death

The United States–I believe–is no longer at the crossroads of whether or not we will be a society that holds to a culture of life. Rather, over the last 120 years or so, we have become a society that holds to a culture of death. It is something that happened gradually. It should come asContinue reading “A Culture of Death”

Listening to the Right People

John C. Maxwell says that if you have no one following you, then you’re not a leader. I say that if you have people following you, you better make sure that you are listening to the right people to give the people who are following you the best words of wisdom you possibly can! NotContinue reading “Listening to the Right People”